Big Wheel for 2m, 70cm und 6m

BigWheel 2m
2m Big Wheel

Big Wheel
70cm Big Wheel
The "Big Wheel" is a horizontal polarized omni directional antenna. Usually highly directional antennas are used on VHF and UHF, which have the capability to bundle the radiated energy in one direction and eliminate interferences from unwanted directions. But these effects are not always welcome. With directional antennas it is nearly impossible to monitor a frequency for signals from any direction. Usually the directional antenna stays in the direction where the most signals are expected from and some rare contact in an other direction is lost. In such cases the Big Wheel is an ideal antenna which should be used together with a directional antenna.
Big Wheel antennas by WiMo are made of stainless aluminum, all other hardware is made of stainless steel. The antenna gain is approx. 3dBD, each Big Wheel has a N-jack (female). By vertical stacking of two Big Wheels you get a gain of approx. 5dBD. To connect two antennas to one coax feed a usual phasing harness can be used.
6m Big Wheel
6m Big Wheel

Technical data

Frequency144-146430-44050-52 MHz
ca. 3
1,2 ... 1,5
Max. power5002001000Watt
Diameterca. 1,2ca. 0,34ca. 3,6m
Max. mast diameter655065mm
Stacking distance13004303800mm
Order No. phasing harness1804618048-
MaterialAlMgSi 0,5, all hardware stainless steel
Order No. 18007
79.00 € Buy now
76.40 € Buy now
121.00 € Buy now

Stacking of Big Wheel Antennas

To achieve a higher gain, Big Wheel antennas can be stocked vertically. With such a configuration either 2, 4 or 8 antennas are used. The antennas are connected with 2 (4,8) cables of exactly the same length to a 2-way (4-way, 8-way) power splitter. This solution is also suitable for higher power levels (> 100W).

Alternatively and more affordable are our phasing harnesses for crossed yagis. You can use article no. 18046 (for 2m) or 8048 (for 70cm), cut the two cables to the same length and attach N connectors. This solution is suitable for power levels up to 100W.

Order No.
18040 2-way Power Splitter 2m, N female connectors 55.20 € Buy now
18041 4-way Power Splitter 2m, N female connectors 74.90 € Buy now
18042 2-way Power Splitter 70cm, N female connectors 53.40 € Buy now
18043 4-way Power Splitter 70cm, N female connectors 71.70 € Buy now
18045 4-way Power Splitter 23cm, N female connectors 71.70 € Buy now
40340.1 CLF-400 or Ecoflex-10 LowLoss Cable 1m, N-male/N-male 25.80 € Buy now
40340.2 CLF-400 or Ecoflex-10 LowLoss Cable 1m, N-male/N-male 28.20 € Buy now
18046 Phasing harness 2m 35.00 € Buy now
18048 Phasing harness 70cm 35.00 € Buy now
42005 N connector solder, for phasing harness (RG-58) 3.90 € Buy now
42203 N connector crimp, for phasing harness (RG-58) 3.40 € Buy now
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