Icom ID-E880

Icom ID-E880 Icom ID-E880

The Icom ID-E880 is a compact mobile transceiver for 2m and 70cm. It supports FM, AM (rx only) and DV D-Star, so it is ready for the modern digital mode. The transmit power is 50 W on both bands (switchable to 15 and 5W).

D-Star operation is greatly simplified by two buttons on the front panel: "DR" selects on of 300 memories with D-Star repeaters, the button "UR" selects the downlink destination. This is an enormous help and makes operation while driving much mor comfortable. The supplied DTMF microphone offers a lot of remote control functions.

The ID-E880 offers a total of 1052 memories, which can be assigned individual names (8 characters). For easier organization the memories can be arranged in 26 banks. A free downloadable software (CS-880, download at Icom Japan website) greatly facilitates the programming of memories and other settings of the radio. The program is designed for WIndows, but also works under Linux using 'wine'. To use the software an optional cable (OPC-1529R or OPC-478UC) is required.

Use of GPS via D-Star is also possible. In contrast to other Icom radios no own GPS receiver is offered, instead you can use any GPS receiver with a serial interface, connected to the DATA port.

The removeable front panel is attached with strong magnets to the main body or to any other metallic (magnetic) surface. A mounting plate and a 3.4m long separation cable is included in shipment. The colour of the display cab e selected from green, yellow or amber.

Questa radio è fuori produzione. Mostriamo qui a fini di orientamento e di mostrare gli accessori ancora disponibili.

Download: Here you will find a Scheda tecnica of the ID-E880 in english language. (PDF, opens new browser window).
Download: CS-880 Software (Icom Japan, opens new browser window).

Accessori ID-E880

Ordine No.
HM-103 Lightweight hand microphone 84.50 € Aggiungi al carello Non in magazzino, verrà ordinato solo su richiesta, deposito cauzionale richiesto, tempi di consegna c. 10 giorni.
OPC-440 Cavo di prolunga per microfono 5m 79.50 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 1 o 2 giorni.
OPC-647 Cavo di prolunga per microfono 2.5m 49.50 € Aggiungi al carello Non in magazzino, di nuovo disponibile: 24. lug. 2018
OPC-1529R Data cable serial 24.50 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 1 o 2 giorni.
OPC-478UC C Cloning Cable USB 49.50 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 1 o 2 giorni.
SP-35 Alto parlante per veicolo 38.50 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 1 o 2 giorni.
MBF-1 Sostegno per Control Unit (utilizza MBA-1 o MBA-2) 62.50 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 1 o 2 giorni.
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Difference between OPC-478UC and OPC-1529R

The cable OPC-478UC (USB type) has a 3.5 mm phone plug and is connected to the loudspeaker output for programming. This of course turns off the audio. The cable can be used with various other Icom radios as well.

The OPC-1529R cable has a 2.5 mm phone plug and is connected to the separate DATA jack of the radio. With this the internal loudspeaker remains audible, the cable can stay connected all the time (good for GPS).

Frequency Extension for Radios

Please note:
All radios supplied by WiMo normally cover only the amateur bands (transmit wise).

The frequency extension of a radio (TX open) is done on explicit request by the customer.

Amateur Radio transceivers are usually not specified for use outside the amateur bands. In some cases the radio and especially the final amplifier or output filters can be damaged when transmitting outside the amateur bands. These damages are not covered by any warranty.

The manufacturer warranty might be voided in some cases as well.