Mobile VHF antennas

No amateur radio car without mobile radio - with the right antenna. There are five to six methods to mount a mobile antenna on a vehicle:

  • Drill a hole and use N or PL base mounts
    This is HF wise and mechanically the best solution because tese mounts have an excellent connection to ground. Mounting is possible on the fender or the roof. DIsadvantage: Need to drill a hole, usually not possible with leased cars.
  • Magnet base
    Easy to install and remove, ideal for rental cars. The larger magnet mounts are suitable for larger antennas at higher speeds, the triple-base even for HF antennas. Disadvantage: Ground coupling not optimal, can scratch the paint when treated improper.
  • Window mount
    Also very easy to use and install. Disadvantage: Bad ground coupling, only 'radial laess' antennas should be used. Does not fit all windows.
  • Glass mount antenna
    Very practical if you don't want to drill a hole. Works very good, except on sun shielded glass. Can be re-installed on a different car if required. Disadvantage: Smaller selection of radiators.
  • Hatch or roof rail mount
    A solid method to mount larger antenna on the trunk of the roof railing. Not the most pretty solution, but very sturdy. Might require an additional ground lead.
  • Mount for trailer hitch Solution for heavy and large antennas, suitable for long radiators. Eventually requires separate ground connection. Check the local regulations if use of such a mount is permitted while driving.
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