WiMo - Display of expected delivery times on our website

We show the stock status for most of our product, i.e. if we have this item in stock or not. The display is updated every 15 minutes.

'In stock'

In stock, shipped in 1 or two days.

'In stock' means that we have this item in stock in our warehouse in Herxheim. It will be shipped in one or two working days, when paying by pre payment earliest on the day the payment arrives.

'Not in stock', without a date

Not in stock, back in 20

'Not in stock' and a display of the replacement time in days means, the this item is currently not in stock. It is expected to be back in stock in the displays time.

'Not in stock' with date

Not in stock, back on: 1. Apr. 2029

'Not in stock' with the display of a date means that the delivery of this item has been confirmed by the supplier. As long as nothing untowards happens it should be available again from the said date on.

'Not available anymore'

Unfortunately this product is not available anymore. Sorry.

'Not available anymore' means that this product is out of stock and cannot be ordered anymore. In most cases this was caused by the manufacturer who discontinued this product, sometimes it can happen that WiMo decided to not offer this product in the future for other reasons.

'Not on stock, custom order'

Not in stock, ordered only on customer request, delay c. 60 days.

We generally do not stock this article, usually because it is in low demand and too costly to stock. This product will be ordered at the supplier only on customer request. The customer must expect the shown delay in working days, but sometimes the delay is shorter. In any case we will contact the customer and inform him or her about the expected delay.

'Not on stock, delivery delay unknown'

Not available until further notice, delivery delay unknown.

We would love to sell this product, but can't procure it at the moment. Further we have no idea about the expected delay, we do not even know when we will know the delay. This can happen when the upstream supplier in unreachable, cannot tell us a reliable delivery date or other things are uncertain (e.g. CE certification). We kindly ask to refrain from requests of the delivery delay, we really do not know it.

'Delivery delay unknown, no data'

Delivery delay unknown, no data.

For this article the data defining the delivery delay is missing, sorry. Actually that's an error and should never happen :)