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Yaesu FT-70DE FM/C4FM System Fusion Yaesu FT-70DE

With the FT-70DE Yaesu continues it's successful 'System Fusion' strategy for digital communications on VHF/UHF. The handheld transceiver FT-70DE supports bith traditional FM and digital C4FM modes. Of course the well known 'AMS' automatic modes switching for these modes is supported, as well as digital group monitor and digital group/person identification functions. This monitors the connectivity within a group of radio users while in the field. The handheld two-way radio works on VHF (2m) and on UHF (70cm), the tranmsmit power is 5W on both bands.

tThe construction of the FT-70DE is very rbust and solid, it conforms to IP54 specifications. The front side loudspeaker offers up to 700 mW of audio power, which makes it suitable even for very loud environments. Large , coloured LEDs show the current operating state at a glance. And with up to 1105 memories the FT-70 can organize all your memories in easy to reach groups. The receiver covers a range from 108 to 579.9 MHz and offers various scan functions.

The FT-70DE includes a powerful 1800 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery, which offers many hours of operation. For external power supply and to charge the battery an own connector is provided. A Mini-USB power is provided for easy software updates and for memory mangement (requires optional software).

  • Included in shipment of the FT-70DE
  • FT-70DE Handheld two-way radio VHF/UHF
  • Equipment Antenna VHF/UHF SMA
  • LiIon Battery 7.4V, 1800 mAh
  • Battery Charger SAD-11C
  • Belt Clip
  • USB Cable
  • Operating Manual
Articulo No.
FT-70DE Yaesu VHF/UHF Handheld radio FM/C4FM 199.00 € Comprar Nuevo Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
99FREQ Apertura de frecuencias Por favor, ver nota! 25.00 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
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Accesorios FT-70DE

Articulo No.
SHC-27 Protective Bag FT-70DE 14.50 € Comprar Nuevo No disponible, lo tendremos de nuevo en unos 120 días.
SBR-24LI LiIon Battery 7.4V, 1800 mAh 35.00 € Comprar Nuevo No disponible, lo tendremos el 06. Dez. 2017
SBH-28 YAESU charging cradle for FT-70 29.90 € Comprar No disponible, lo tendremos de nuevo en unos 120 días.
CT-27 Cloning Cable 13.20 € Comprar Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.
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SHC-27 SHC-27

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