If you want to get serious with weak-signal DX or contesting on VHF, you have few other options than using a transverter with a HF rig as a driver. The VHF/UHF allmode radios of former times have vanished from the market due to lack of demand, the current combination HF/VHF radios are fantastic allrounders but are usually not up to par with the highest performance values of pure VHF radios.

The transverters offered on this page can be used with nearly any HF transceiver. This gives the user the liberty to design his or her station according to individual demands and budget. Of course modern SDR transceivers are exceptionally well suitable for transverter operation, for example because you can watch the entire DX segment of the band at a glance.

ZST-200 & LT-200 VHF Transverter New

VHF Transverter ZST-200 VHF Transverter ZST-200

The ZST-200 (LT-200) device is a transverter for the 2m VHF band. The IF band is 10 28 to 30 MHz which allows the use of practically any all band HF transceiver. The ZST-200 (LT-200) works as a linear transverter, it can be used with any mode, regardless if you want to do FM, SSB, CW or digimodes. The quality of a transverter is measured - among others - on the frequency stability, on the large signal handling capabilities and the low generation of spurious signals (inearity). In this regard both transverters show best values as can be seen in the data sheets. A high transmit power was not a design goal, because most serious DXers and contesters use external power amplifiers anyway. The high frequency stability of ± 0.05 ppm is achieved by using a temperature controlled crystal oscillator (TCXO).

Hooking up the ZST-200 (LT-200) to any HF transceiver is very simple, you just need a PTT keying line besides the HF cable. To maintain the correct keying sequence the PTT is keyed at the transverter, for example with a foot switch. A more complex sequencer (like the DCW-2004) would be required when using a pre-amp or a power amplifier. The transverters can also be used with transceivers which have separate TX and RX branches for split or full duplex operations. The maximum transmit power is 25W, the power supply is done over a 13.8V supply at max. 5A current consumption. A DC cable is included.

The difference between the two models ZST-200 and LT-200 is the maximum allowed input power to the transverter. The ZST-200 accepts 1 to 5W transmit power at it's input, the LT-200 only 0.1 to 100 mW. Therefore the LT-200 can only be used with HF Transceivers which offer a special transverter out put (many do). The benefit of this approach is a much cleaner transmit signal, because you eliminate the power amplifier of the driving HF rig. Otherwise the two transverter as identical.

ZST-200 rear ZST-200 rear
Technical Data ZST-200 & LT-200 VHF Transverter
ZST-200 LT-200
General Data
Operating Voltage 12 – 14 V
Max. current consumption 5 A
Dimensions 234 x 170 x 60 mm
Weight 2.2 kg
Frequency stability ± 0.5 ppm
Connector IF 10m N jack
Connector Antenna N ##buchse
Down Converter
Frequency Range VHF 144 – 146 MHz
Frequency Range ZF 28 – 30 MHz
Noise Figure 3.2 dB
16 dB
Rx IP3 Output 30 dBm
Rx IP3 Input 14 dBm
Image freq. rejection 90 dB
Rx Input 1.4:1
Up Converter
Frequency Range VHF 144 – 146 MHz
Frequency Range ZF 28 – 30 MHz
Input Power 1 – 5 0.001 – 0.1 W
Gain 20 dB
Max. Power (output) 25 W
IM3 Output 40 (@ 20W) dB
Harmonics Suppression 60 dB
Image freq. rejection 100 dB

  • Included in the shipment is:
  • ZST-200 or LT-200 VHF Transverter
  • DC Cable
  • Semi-Rigid connector SMA
  • CD-ROM with PDF manual
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Downlaod: ZST-200 Operating manual english (PDF, EN, 2MB)
Download: ZST-200 Leaflet english (PDF, EN, 50 KB)

Downlaod: LT-200 Operating manual english (PDF, EN, 1.4MB)
Download: LT-200 Leaflet english (PDF, EN, 50 KB)
ZST-200 Station ZST-200 Station

Accessories for VHF/UHF Transverter

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ZS-1 SDR-Transceiver as driver 1499.00 € Buy now Not in stock, ordered only on customer request, delay at c. 7 days.
40075.15 Cinch cable for PTT 150cm 1.40 € Buy now In stock, shipped in 1 or two days.
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